Logo for Fire on the Mountain

Fire on the Mountain is a small consultancy providing services focused on Unix & Linux-based systems and the services they provide. While we have both breadth and depth of experience, there are a number of areas where we have particular expertise, including (1) mail and mailing list operations, including high-capacity, fault-tolerant systems (2) anti-spam/anti-abuse strategy and tactics (3) firewalls and related security topics, and (4) systems configuration management. We use open-source, peer-reviewed software in order to provide the highest possible quality to our clients. If you happen to choose Firefox or Thunderbird as your web browser or mail client, you might also want to choose some of these extensions.

Please contact us if we can be of assistance to you; just drop a line to our webmaster (general inquiries and web site), or postmaster (mail issues) or hostmaster (DNS issues) or abuse (spam, DoS, etc. issues) mailboxes.

Fire on the Mountain strongly urges you to support:
Pancreatic Cancer Action Network The Brannock Fund Sweet Relief
Pancreatic Cancer Action Network The Erika Brannock Fund Sweet Relief