We use free/open-source software for everything at Fire on the Mountain. We recommend that you do too. These are some of the software packages that we think are worthy of a serious look; combined, they cover nearly all the day-to-day computing needs of most users. If you need something that's not here, we recommend the excellent Downloadpedia.

Mozilla Firefoxweb browserXXX
Chromiumweb browserXXX
Mozilla SeaMonkeyweb suiteXXX
Mozilla Thunderbirdmail clientXXX
Sylpheedmail clientXXX
Clawsmail clientXXX
LibreOfficeoffice suiteXXX
OpenOfficeoffice suiteXXX
NeoOfficeoffice suite-X-
AbiWordword processorXXX
Pidgininstant messagingX-X
Empathyinstant messagingX--
Adiuminstant messaging-X-
EvincePDF viewerX-X
SumatraPDF viewer--X
calibreeBook readerXXX
Miromedia playerXXX
VLCmedia playerXXX
Kompozerweb authoringXXX
Bluefishweb authoringXXX
BlueGriffonweb authoring XXX
TightVNCvirtual network/remote controlX-X
PuTTYssh client--X
Fugussh client-X-
winscpssh client--X
InkScapevector graphics editorXXX
Scribuspage layoutXXX
Gimpgraphics tool (like Photoshop)XXX
Diadiagram editor (like Visio)XXX

If you can't find what you're looking for in the list above, you might want to try these. They're free, but not open-source.

Operaweb browserXXX
Avira AntiViranti-virus--X
Avast Home Editionanti-virus--X
XNViewgraphics tool--X